traditional and original music played on

acoustic and electric instruments

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At the top of the English Ceilidh scene for the last 25 plus years, although we have changed our name, The Ironmasters are one of the most influential English ceilidh bands who play their own brand of traditional music and original compositions with a distinctive style. 


Led by melodeon and saxophone with guitar, bass and drums, and spicing it  with harmonica, The Ironmasters provide a varied sound that is great for dancing, or listening to.


At home on the biggest festival stage or in your local village hall

The Ironmasters are available for your event.


In 2016 the band decided to rebrand itself and to avoid confusion the new name shall be used throughout this website - for more info see the band history page.

The Ironmasters are:

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How to contact us:

If you want to contact The Ironmasters you can use the contact page of this website or go straight to Ray on 07790 679469

So how would you really describe The Ironmasters? ....Well, we see us as something like this:


Not truely traditional as we mostly learnt our music from the bands who helped relaunch the English folk tradition when it was dying out but.........As individuals some of us are pleased to have played in sessions with the source musicians upon whom the folk revival relied [Oscar woods etc] and we definitely see ourselves in the 'English Country Music' tradition that goes back to Thomas Hardy's 'village band' - your music is shaped by the instruments you play. If we were his village band we suspect we would also be banned from the church to be replaced by an organ....[insert your own joke].


Most of us have been involved with morris dance sides - squires, foremen, dancers, band leader and of course playing in the bands. As a result we really are focused upon the need for the music to fit the dances.....


We have the confidence to develop an arrangement on-stage. The Ironmasters don't only play straight folk tunes - you will hear interesting arrangements and our improvisations mean that all of our ceilidhs can be said to be unique....[another joke opportunity].


Occasionally we get described as Folk Rock, and whilst most of our music is underpinned with bass, drums and guitar, we often play in a much lighter style led by recorder or tin whistle, and the two melodeons playing strict tempo English melody and then the saxophone switching between traditional melodies, improvisation and what might be called world music riffs, mean that we probably inhabit a genre of our own ;-)


We see the melody as king: at a ceilidh with The Ironmasters the melody will be prominent and the whole experience will not be over loud as we see the backline as a support rather than lead. But we also recognise that in the middle of a dance people are dancing more to the rhythm than the tune - so you will regularly find yourself dancing to the drums and guitars.


So we are what we are - The Ironmasters - a band that works hard at keeping the music fresh and relevant, who are rooted in the music of England [where-ever it comes from] and who are pleased to allow fresh and interesting things to develop during the playing.


Is it surprising that the music of The Ironmasters is so often described as 'influential'?


We were pleased that Nick Walden, after calling for us at Chippenham Folk Festival  [2010] commented "interesting things kept on happening - all ceilidh bands should be like this......."     .....and Martyn Harvey posting on Facebook after calling for us at a Late Night Extra @ Whitby Folk Week 2015:   "What can I say? 'Such Fun !', new fab sets, joyous lift throughout, no one should be surprised at their immense popularity.........."   ...not forgetting Ivy [aged 6] '...great, almost as good as Queen....'


and December 2017:    Hi there,  WOW! We had the BEST time last night.  You were just brilliant and got our choir members within about a minute!  Thank you so much to you and all your band members  -     Happy Cheshire ceilidh organiser 2017


These quotes mostly come from folk festivals - but if your ceilidh is in the local village hall, please still contact us, as this is the bread and butter of the ceilidh scene.....

Hi there,    WOW! We had the BEST time last night.  You were just brilliant and got our choir members within about a minute!  Thank you so much to you and all your band members

Happy ceilidh organiser - december 2017

The Ironmasters are at the top of the English Ceilidh scene only because of the music. Generally no Agents are involved and we can be a very cost effective solution as our own Baz Parkes is a nationally known festival caller and Alistair does the sound from on-stage through our own PA system - please talk to us direct via the contact form if you have any questions. If you are involved with an agency and would like to work with us then please talk to us.........

Alistair Gillies:

saxophones, whistles and recorders,


Edwin Beasant:

two and three row melodeons


Baz Parkes:

one and two row melodeons, calling


Steev Hall:



Ray Archer:

bass guitar


Nick Beck:

drums and percussion

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great..... almost as good as Queen.   Ivy [aged 6yrs].

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